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Seminar Schedule

The seminar is a value-packed transformative experience where you’ll go through a series of live exercises designed to get to your core masculinity.
You’ll learn game in three formats:

✔ Infield Presentation
You'll see hidden-camera footage that demonstrates the fundamental principles of game. We'll break it down into easy steps and answer all of your questions.


✔ Speech
You get to listen to the most cutting edge, practical game advice from leaders in the field.


✔ Live Exercises
50% of the event will be live exercises. You'll learn the vocal, verbal, and social exercises we use to warm up and engage. We'll also take you through a range intense bioenergetics, mindfulness, free association, and visualization exercises to deal with mental blocks and help you more easily accomplish your goals with game.

Meet me in person and bring your questions. Meet like-minded people who are also investing in themselves.

Save more than 50% off when you get your tickets online. Btw all interest in this event is private. This event will not be livestreamed or uploaded afterward. The event is capped, so if you don't want to miss out, reserve your spot now by finding the closest city to you below and clicking “SIGN UP NOW!”

See you at the seminar!