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Skype Mentoring for You

Studying how to be good with women without application will not get you far, which is why we recommend taking a bootcamp program. However, for those who can’t make it out, I can also offer you personalized Skype Mentoring from the comfort of your home. All you need is Skype and an enthusiasm for learning.

So what is the Skype Mentoring?

Think of this as a 60-Minute Q&A Session customized strictly to YOU.

If you’re frustrated in your pickup journey and can’t seem to figure out what you’re doing wrong, or simply want to get even MORE results than you’re getting now, I’m here to help.

Be careful of who you take advice from: spending 5 minutes with a genius is more valuable than 5 years with a dabbler. I’ll answer all of your questions and put everything into perspective for you over skype with non-nonsense, actionable advice.

By taking this session, you’ll eliminate the pickup confusion that’s holding you back and you’ll learn exactly what you need to focus on in concrete terms to progress FAST.

You’ll leave the session with an action plan customized to you, so you can implement what you’ve learned right away.

Personalized Infield Breakdowns

You’ll also have the opportunity to send me audio recordings or infield videos of you interacting with girls, so that you can receive the most accurate feedback on how you can improve. This is like a cheatcode in game and something that personally helped me and my friends’ journey, so I know it’ll help you.

What’s Covered During the Session?

In addition to getting all of your questions answered, you’ll get:

  • Mindsets for relaxed, fun natural game
  • Personalized Theory based on your personality, goals, and location
  • Audio and Infield Breakdowns
  • Step-by-Step Process to implement what you’ve learned
  • Integrating Pickup into your lifestyle
  • Customized Challenges to push you to the next level
  • Text Game advice to get you from number to date
  • Warmup Exercises to get you in the mood to game
  • Motivation to take consistent action
  • How you can establish healthy, Open Relationships

Price? $125 $57