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My Story

Hey man, I’m Austen Summers! Welcome to my site.

As a thought leader in the dating industry, I've had the privilege of teaching dating advice to hundreds of guys in eight countries and millions online. Many say I’m a “natural” with women... but the truth is very far from that. I come from a very dark background. When I was 12, my mom passed away, I moved away from all of my friends, and spiraled into a deep depression for most of my teens.

Eventually I said, “enough is enough,” found self-development and pickup, and climbed my way to the top. I spent three years getting mentored by some of the most known leaders in the dating industry, and learned all their secrets to become the “natural” that I am today.

Now it wasn’t easy, but it was the most rewarding and transformative journey in my life. And that’s what I wish for you. Whatever you’re struggling with, I’ll show you how to take action and get the women you want. If you decide you want to get mentorship or live coaching from me, you’ll quickly learn the hard-won habits, mindsets, and skills that lay the foundation for effective pickup.