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  • Austen pushes you to your limits and makes you do a lot of things that you're going to feel uncomfortable with, but if you persist and do them, you're going to learn a lot.

    Ben Greenfield
    • Wally
  • It is priceless. You cannot put a price tag on the lessons that you will learn from this experience. I'm so grateful to have gone through this change and the journey has just begun.

    Andre W
    • Ahmad
      Bootcamp Student
  • This guy is a fucking major pimp, what he can do infield is crazy. He pushed me to do things that I thought I'd never do and I learned so fucking much.

    Emily Schromm
    • Pratesh
      Bootcamp Student
  • If you want to be that fun, outgoing, "doesn't-give-a-fuck" type of person, Austen is a really cool person to be around.

    Emily Schromm
    • Chris
      Bootcamp Student
  • I would 100% recommend this bootcamp whether you're a beginner or advanced. Austen is very supportive and at the same time he does push you to go outside your comfort zone, which is a great stretch opportunity for you to improve your game.

    Emily Schromm
    • Jacob
      Bootcamp Student

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