Terms and Conditions

By taking any Austen Summers program you agree to and accept the following terms, conditions, and notices (we reserve the right to change, update, and revise these terms of use at our sole discretion. Check back often to review any updated terms). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

1. Confidentiality

I understand that the identities of all staff and participants are to be kept confidential. Privacy is important to attendees and staff. I agree to not use any audio or video recording devices during training. I understand I may be audio or video recorded by the Austen Summers team. All footage of you in-field will be available on a flash drive for you to take home.

2. Non-Disclosure

I understand these courses, marketing materials related to them, and their content contain copyrights, trademarks, and other original works of Austen Summers, and that any duplication or derivative works are unlawful. I agree that I will not disclose to any such competing individual or company any of the content I am exposed to on the program or use of the information I learn in the program as the basis for a competing business. This material is confidential, and for my personal private use only. Recording any portion of this program will result in being removed from this program without refund.

3. Non-Compete

I do not and will not own, operate or work for a company or internet website that teaches men how to be successful with women and dating for 4 years after attending Immersion or Mentorship in any city. I will forfeit to Austen Summers any revenue earned from operating or working for a company or internet website that teaches men how to be successful with women and dating during the 4 year period, and I am still obligated to keep all trade secrets confidential.

4. Limitation of Liability

I understand and agree that the ideas, concepts, techniques and views that I will be exposed to are opinions only, to be used for entertainment purposes only, and not to be considered as professional or legal advice. I agree never to use any of the content that I learn in an unlawful manner under any circumstances.

I agree that Austen Summers, its instructors, or its principal shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any damages as a result of using or my inability to use the concepts I learn at this training and other third-party providers used, or any other product or service you are exposed to as a result of my relationship with Austen Summers or its instructors. I agree to forgo litigation and settle the matter using Binding Arbitration if a conflict should arise between Austen Summers (including its staff and principal). Austen Summers retains the right to refuse service and training to anyone at our discretion at any time.

5. Payment, Cancellation, Refund, and Transfer Policy for Immersion

Final payment is due 1 month prior to Immersion. Given the level of commitment necessary to reach your goals, there are no refunds whatsoever. This also helps you “burn the boats,” so you’re completely invested in the program, do the assignments, and accelerate your personal growth and results. However, you can transfer your Immersion program to another date:

6. Cancellation and Refund Policy + Transfer Policy for Mentorship Programs

For all programs worldwide there are no refunds whatsoever, as you immediately gain access to the online course and group chat. This also helps you “burn the boats,” so you’re completely invested in the program, do the assignments, and accelerate your personal growth and results. There is no “credit” system in place for taking back payments for the time and service you do not use. You may pause your involvement in the program for up to 3 months, but you may not pause payments. (E.g. Taking the Mentorship program in January, pausing in February due to traveling with a girl, then continuing the program in March and April. Payments would be due and end in February, but program access would end in April).

7. Refund Policy for Game Transformation Course — 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

You must do everything I ask you to do in the course including the Game Habits, Missions, Lifestyle Upgrades, Health & Aesthetic Changes, etc. You must also document the completed work by recording the missions completed and the corresponding dates and times, documenting the 3x you go out each week in field reports, proof you bought things to set up your place and optimize your fashion; basically showing you executed on all the advice in the course. If you still don’t get laid after a year… I will pay you your hourly rate for each hour spent (just send me your tax return), let you keep the program, and work with you 1-1 free of charge until you get results.

8. Client Standards

Clients must comply to the standards of the program outlined by the coach which may include:

9. Program Details - What You Get

10. Miscellaneous

I understand that this is going to be fun, intensive work; and I’m up for the challenge! I understand that you’ve invested many years to learn, organize and prepare all of this material and training; I agree to treat this material with respect and take notes. I agree and give you my word that I’ll attend all the training sessions, and be on time for them.

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